We offer online financial consulting services on the purchase, sale and management of cryptocurrencies

  • Analysis of a cryptocurrency;
  • In-store payments: how to accept, receive and send live cryptocurrencies;
  • Secure and immediate transactions: how to send, receive and convert cryptocurrencies;
  • Apps and software, to manage your cryptocurrencies on smartphones and computers;
  • Protection and retention: how to make your savings hacker-proof;
  • Hardware Wallet, to store and manage cryptocurrencies outside the network;
  • Business Consulting on Blockchain / Crypto projects
  • Token / Coin creation specific to your project, using the appropriate blockchain
  • Listing: listing of your coins on the exchanges
  • WHITELABEL wallet for managing your coins on your IOS / ANDROID APP
  • Exchange WHITELABEL (your exchange in SAAS mode) with the liquidity of COINBASE or BINANCE
  • Integration of FIAT / CRYPTO payment gateway into your APP and customized Credit Card
  • POS for the use and exchange of your currency in local currency
  • OTC: purchases on the OTC market for large quantity orders, avoiding SLIPPAGE
  • On chain analysis on bitcoin

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