ancient handwritten 1846 letter and two rare ”one penny” stamps


ancient handwritten 1846 letter and two rare ”one penny” stamps


DESCRIPTION: I sell original handwritten letter with two rare “One Penny” stamps.This letter was written in 1846, I don’t know by whom but some research can be done to understand if the person who wrote it was a personality, where he came from, etc. Important are the two “One Penny” stamps, which many collectors would like to keep in their collection, they are always an estimated rarity.

REGULATION: The Buyer receive the right to own the original handwritten letter with two “One Penny”. The Buyer can request the physical object only after the total payment. The buyer can request certification from a notary in Trieste (Italy) and shipping to his country only after a returnable deposit of 30% excluding expenses. The expenses are: shipping, certification, insurance and transaction costs, all costs are on the responsibility of the buyer and will be budgeted before the total payment.

WARRANTY: There is no return of money to the buyer after the certification of the notary, if the buyer wants it requires the presence of his certifier appointed at the time of the notarial deed always at the expense of the buyer.

NOTE: I also accept cryptocurrencies.


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