Antique Marriage Certificate in Latin language 1896


I sell original marriage certificate. A document that is 120 years old


DESCRIPTION: I sell original marriage certificate.This is a marriage certificate written in Latin on April 15, 1896 in Trieste in the church of San Antonio, between Mr. Dessanti and Mrs. Sardotsch. A document that is 120 years old. As you can see, there is the signature of the parish priest (parochus) who makes the ceremony and that of the witness (copulavi). The 30 Heller stamp is from the period when Trieste was a port of the Austrian Empire.

REGULATION: The Buyer receive the right to own the original handwritten certificate. The Buyer can request the physical object only after the total payment. The buyer can request shipping to his country only after the payment.

WARRANTY: There is a return of money within 14 days only upon successful return of the item, minus 20% of the sale price for shipping costs and taxes.

NOTE: I also accept cryptocurrencies.


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