Quadro “Madonna Gialla” 1970


Painting – “Yellow Madonna” 1970




I sell the real original painting

DESCRIPTION: “I was too young to remember when he made this painting, I think it was the period in Padua in via Eremitani, he had a solo show at the Rizzoli in Piazza Garibaldi. I remember the attic where he painted and with this spatula technique colors were consumed in large quantities on the canvas, how much money he spent he told me, but how much passion he put into creating that artistic period.” Alessandro (son)

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  • Material: canvas
  • Technique: oil on canvas with a palette knife
  • Size: 30 x 60 cm to the canvas
  • Date: year 1970
  • Weight: 0.500 kg without frame
  • Color: as in the photo
  • The New condition from the hands of the artist
  • Details: without frame


Maria Pia Solito Valerio Poetess, Painter, Writer.

Several times the press has taken an interest, extolling the stylistic qualities of the poet. The verses are mosaics, because the images are accompanied by a sweet smile that cheers the hearts of the readers. She participated in literary events, obtaining excellent results. You have published collections of poems in volume and are present in anthologies. She collaborated with some newspapers and magazines.

Bibliography: “Passing freely from the concrete to the abstract, from the natural to the tropological, with dry and humorous brushstrokes, wide and enveloping, MariaPia Solito Valerio sometimes borders even in the surrealistic connotation, or at the limit of the unconscious and the oneiric, with a secret emblematic. In spite of the many “current” generations of today and many cold, inconsistent and cerebral experimentalisms, her painting has a defined face and has a soul and a fire that pervade it. ”

Prof. Mario Gorini

Publications and catalogs:

– Painting:

“Il Quadrato” 1982 By Giorgio Falossi, Quotation and auctions of contemporary Italian painting
“The Elite” 1991 By Salvatore Perdicaro, Selection of Italian art
“Catalog of the artists of the Veneto” 1974, Rizzoli publisher
“Little Encyclopedia” Taranto
– Poetry:

Poetic anthology – “A poet’s dream” International Academy of Letters, Sciences, Arts “Virgilio – Mantenga”
Poetic anthology – “Poets in the Virgilian city” Accademia int. of letters, sciences, arts “Virgilio – Mantenga”
Collections of poems:

“Drops of ink”
“I was born in blue”
“Single Edition”
Published by his son Alessandro the complete book of the three collections on Amazon: “Poems of a Mother”


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